6 Reasons to use a Resolution Solicitor
Tina Shah

6 Reasons to use a Resolution Solicitor

Dealing with a divorce can often be difficult and extremely emotive. A number of problems may arise that are not apparent from the outset. Here are the top six reasons why you should use a Resolution accredited family lawyer to deal with your divorce or dissolution of civil partnership. 

  1. Get the application right. If you submit the application yourself online without first obtaining legal advice you risk losing your Court fee if it is not done correctly. The Court requires time limits to be met, the correct procedure to be followed and the application to be completed properly or else they may return it unissued. Using a Resolution specialist ensures that this is done correctly. 
  1. Help with agreeing and negotiating issues. It is important to sort out how your finances will be dealt with and to make arrangements for any children. A solicitor will help to avoid having to go to Court.  Resolution solicitors are committed to dealing with matters as amicably as possible. The solicitors can provide you with an understanding of how the law would be applied to your case and give you support throughout the process. 
  1. Prevent future financial claims. It is a common misconception that once your Decree Absolute is pronounced your ex-spouse cannot make a financial claim against you. This is not the case. Without a Court approved financial agreement in place, there is nothing to stop your ex from making a claim against you now or in the future.  Your ex could even make a claim against your estate after death. Engaging a Resolution accredited solicitor would assist you with negotiating an Order or even as a last resort providing representation at Court so that this would not be an issue. 
  1. Explain the legal terms. Divorce and matrimonial finances in particular can be a complex area of law. There are often legal terms used that can be difficult to appreciate and/or understand. If you do not understand the importance or significance of the language used, there is a risk that you could damage your position within your proceedings. Resolution accredited specialists are able to explain terminology you may not understand to you in simple terms. 
  1. Give advice. It is important that the advice you receive is correct and up-to-date. The law can change very quickly. Without the correct advice, you could end up with an agreement that does not deal with important issues such as ensuring you have sufficient pension assets upon retirement. You do not want to have to return to Court at a later date to vary your financial settlement. There is no guarantee that you would achieve the outcome that you sought at a later stage. There is also the issue of having to incur additional costs for matters that should have been dealt with beforehand. 
  1. Committed to a non-confrontational approach. Resolution members follow a code of practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. We encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family and in particular the best interests of any children. 

Most of the Family Lawyers at Neves are members of Resolution and some of our experts hold Specialist Accreditations. Check out our Meet The Team area to find out more about the specialisms of our family solicitors.

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