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Tag: domestic abuse

What is a Stalking Protection Order?

Stalking was made a specific criminal offence in England and Wales in 2012. However from 20th January 2020, police will be able to apply to magistrates for a “Stalking Protection Order (SPO)” and courts will also…

By Melissa Doherty, Trainee Solicitor in the Family Law Department

On the 27th November, Beth Woodward, specialist Family Lawyer, and I attended the MKACT domestic abuse course in Milton Keynes. It was a very insightful and eye-opening experience th…

Lolly from MK-Act came along to the Milton Keynes today to collect our donation to their charity of £500. 

MK-Act is the specialist domestic violence service for Milton Keynes. The charity works with over 100 families’ everyday to help them move on …

Do you know someone who is suffering from domestic violence?

Are you worried about another person - a member of your family, a child, and concerned about experiences they may be having within their family?

What can you do? What should you do?