A look back on the first week of lockdown
Nina Gurra

A look back on the first week of lockdown

I remember the first week after Government Guidelines were issued advising that people should work from home. Our offices closed and staff began working remotely. But, as a Wills and Probate Solicitor, I am classified as a Key Worker and therefore I could work from the office building.

It was a very strange feeling coming into the office in the morning and being the only one in. Sometimes I felt very sad and had tears in my eyes looking at the empty offices! It was too quiet and I had to put the music on to keep me company. I dearly missed my friends and colleagues and the social interaction.

Walking through empty streets was also very sad, but we were blessed with beautiful weather and the sunshine put a smile on my face each morning.

There were days when I felt very scared of catching the virus and the consequences of that as a single mother. Then, there were other days that I felt confident I would be ok, as doctors, nurses and other key workers were also out there doing their best.

I concentrated on my daily jobs, on clients and colleagues who needed help and the time just flew by.  Wills needed to be drafted and signed, funerals paid for and they could not simply wait. Our job as Wills and Probate Solicitors at all times involves strong emotions that you cannot simply separate from the legal work, but it has never felt as strong as during this pandemic. 

The experiences of seeing clients through the windows, witnessing documents through glass (thankfully Neves has a large glass window in the ground floor and that proved very useful) and zoom interviews were unique and will stay with me forever. I missed meeting clients face to face as in our line of work the personal touch is very important, but Zoom and Face Time did come handy. I have to say our clients were so understanding about our new way of working.

My colleagues at Neves were also wonderful. I would get messages from colleagues asking how I was and how was I doing. I was alone but I felt supported.

And more recently…

Now more colleagues are coming in and things are slowly returning to some sort of normality, but I will never forget the experience, the emotions and the challenges I faced in the last two months and I am grateful that things are improving. 

A friend send me a quote that I have translated saying:

Do not give up! Even when things seem to be going badly, do not forget that at the end of the tunnel there is always light!

I am sure this quote rings very true in the current circumstances and for all hope, care and the love for each other will get us through.

Nina Gurra, Senior Associate, Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

Nina is based in our Harpenden office. In addition to telephone and video calling, Nina is now offering face to face consultations which adhere to Government guidelines. The face to face consultations are By Appointment Only.

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