COVID-19: Powers of Attorneys

COVID-19: Powers of Attorneys

Powers of Attorneys can be extremely useful documents when you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer able to manage your financial affairs on your own, for either a temporary or more permanent period of time. This can be for all sorts of reasons from not being able to get out due to mobility issues to no longer being able to comprehend your own financial matters.  

A Power of Attorney could be particularly useful for people who are self-isolating and may decide going forward, that until the pandemic has been resolved they will rely on trusted individuals to assist them with their financial affairs. Powers of Attorneys allow you to appoint someone you trust to manage your financial affairs either on a temporary basis (General Powers of Attorney) or more permanent basis (Lasting Powers of Attorney). It is also possible for someone to make health and medical decisions too if you are unable, with a separate Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.   

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It is important to us that your Power of Attorney requirements can still be provided for easily and efficiently throughout the coronavirus crisis. To make the process simple, we’ll be happy to arrange telephone or video call appointments and can correspond by email or letter. 

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