Do I need a solicitor as my Executor?

Do I need a solicitor as my Executor?

Most Will clients that we advise do not appoint Neves as Executors in their Wills.  This is particularly true where a client has trusted family members or friends who could act.  If this is the case, the usual advice we give is that the friend or family members could choose to seek legal advice if they wished, but appointing a professional Executor may incur an unnecessary cost on behalf of the estate.  Most clients would prefer to avoid this if they can.  

Executors are the people who have responsibility for correctly sorting out our assets and liabilities when we die, and ensuring beneficiaries inherit in accordance with our Wills.

Although at first an estate may appear relatively straightforward to deal with, there are many pitfalls and complications that a non-professional Executor may not be aware of.  This may explain why claims against Executors have increased more than three-fold in very recent years, as more people decide to deal with the administration without taking legal advice.  If an Estate is not administered correctly it can potentially cost more than if professional executors such as Neves had been appointed in the first instance.

Whilst we continue to advise the majority of clients that it is not necessary to appoint Neves as Executors in their Will, it is prudent for any Executors taking on the administration of a deceased friend or relative’s estate to consider taking legal advice at the outset, not least because of the element of personal liability involved.

Neves offer a fixed fee service for obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, and more comprehensive services as required.  We are always willing to have an initial chat over the telephone, as we are very aware of the stress dealing with an estate can cause at a time when people are grieving.  If Neves can help in any way, from pointing in the right direction to managing the complete administration, we would be pleased to hear from you.