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Department: family

Types of surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy’s including partial and traditional surrogacy.

Partial surrogacy involves the surrogate mother’s egg. The commissioning father will donate his sperm in a partial surrogacy and therefore be genetic…

Nearly 3 million couples are cohabiting in the UK - many have no formal cohabitation agreement in place. This week Resolution, have launched  Cohabitation Awareness week providing information to couples who are not married and living together. 

You …

Court’s Complaint Procedure

The court has a duty to ensure cases are dealt with justly, expeditiously and fairly. The court must ensure it is allotting an appropriate share of the court’s resources to your case.

At Neves we are acting in several ca…

How a Court Order can help

Within divorce proceedings the court has power to make orders about the family home or any other property you or your spouse own.  The Court cannot order a lender to lend you more money, but a properly drafted court order …

Things to consider first.

As you near the end of your maternity leave questions begin to surface regarding the care of the child. For some, it may be possible financially for one parent to not return to work, instead giving up their career to look a…