Fiona Hewitt - My Legal Life
Fiona Hewitt

Fiona Hewitt - My Legal Life

Fiona Hewitt, Senior Associate and Head of Employment and Commercial Disputes, has had an article published in the latest edition of The Law Gazette. In the article, Fiona talks about the challenges she has overcome in her legal career. As someone with a facial difference, she recalls some of her experiences and urges everyone to be more aware of the impact of negative behaviours, such as staring, on those who have a visible difference or disfigurement.

You can read Fiona's article here:

The Law Gazette - Fiona Hewitt, My Legal Life

Face Equality is an awareness week that runs between 16-20 May. It aims to raise awareness of the prejudice experienced by people with visual differences. This year's theme is 'staring'. To find out more visit