Is there such a thing as a good divorce?
Beth Woodward

Is there such a thing as a good divorce?

This week marks the start of Good Divorce Week 2016.  This is not the contradiction in terms that it may first seem, but is about sending a message that divorce doesn’t have to be full of conflict, and that the role of lawyers can be to help families separate in a positive way. 

At Neves we seek to approach divorce constructively and consider the needs of the whole family.  We are members of Resolution which is a community of Family Justice professionals committed to this ethos.  On Wednesday this week Resolution will be holding a lobby day in Parliament and this year will be campaigning for “no fault” divorce and improving rights for co-habiting couples.  Resolution has also updated its Code of Practice, and our family solicitors at Neves abide by this. 

Essentially what it means for our clients is that we make a commitment at the outset to:

  • Listen to you, be honest with you and treat you with respect
  • Explain all the options and give you confidence to make the right decisions
  • Help you focus on what is important in the long term
  • Help you balance financial and emotional costs with what you want to achieve
  • Work with others to find the right approach and the best solutions for you
  • Manage stress in what can be an already stressful situation.

If you feel this approach would be helpful for you or any friends or family going through the stress of a divorce or separation, then please contact us.