Lawyer in Lockdown
Fiona Hewitt

Lawyer in Lockdown

Fiona Hewitt, Senior Associate and Head of Employment and Commercial Disputes, gives us a snapshot of her working life in lockdown.

I am a single parent so it’s just me and my daughter - 7 “and three quarters!” - and I also have disabilities. As an employment lawyer, I have been busier than ever. 

Working from home is something which I am used to and enjoy, having previously worked from home all the time a few years ago and regularly prior to Covid-19. However, since lockdown, working from home has felt rather different, perhaps because it isn’t a choice or perhaps because there are so many additional worries – health, elderly parents, money… and it’s hard to have any down time – even if it’s just singing loudly to 90’s music whilst driving between school and the office!

It’s interesting that this more flexible way of working has been what those with childcare responsibilities or disabilities have often asked for and now it’s the new ‘normal’. I have found that it’s important to be honest and open about what will be achievable and what will not, both in terms of work and schooling from home.

Also, don’t judge yourself by what you think others are doing. We may all have dreamed of learning a language or taking up macramé but if it isn’t do-able then that’s fine.

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Article originally appeared in Law Society Gazette online on 4th June 2020.