Looking after your Pets

Looking after your Pets

18 August 2016

They say man’s best friend is his dog – or perhaps it might be his cat, or horse or even his parrots.

We are often asked when drawing up Wills for clients to make provisions for their pets in the event of the client’s death.  Many people, especially those who live alone or in a small family unit, worry about what will happen to their animals when there is no one who would be able to take them and  look after them.

Some Charities such as The Cinnamon Trust offer practical assistance to elderly people or those who are terminally ill, or facing going into a residential or nursing home – this can be help with walking to pet to finding foster carers or looking after the pets long term. The Dogs Trust have a scheme to let them rehome your dog if you die before your dog does. Cats Protection run adoption Centres for cats. In addition there are many small local organisations that may be able to help.

We are always happy to discuss this in detail with you when you are drawing up your Will and help find the best solution.