Cohabitation Awareness Week

Cohabitation Awareness Week

There are over 3 million couples cohabiting in the UK - many have no formal cohabitation agreement in place. This week Resolution, have launched Cohabitation Awareness week, running from 25th to 29th November providing, information to couples who are not married and living together. 

Resolution has commented - Despite the myth of ‘common law marriage’, under current cohabitation law it’s possible to live with someone for decades and even to have children together and then simply walk away without taking any responsibility for a former partner when the relationship breaks down.

Watch the Resolution video below.


If you are cohabiting it is important to understand that you do not have automatic rights or interests in your partner’s property, income, capital, pensions or assets generally.  Neither do you have an automatic interest in their estate should they die before you.  This can mean that if your relationship changes, in particular on separation, or in the event of death, you can find yourself financially as well as emotionally bereft.

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