What to look out for – Contract of Employment

What to look out for – Contract of Employment

08 January 2018

Congratulations, you’ve just been offered a new job and your prospective new employer has issued you with a Contract of Employment to review. 

In the midst of the excitement do not forget to review the terms of the Contract and check they reflect what you may have agreed or thought you were being offered.  The main points to watch out for are:

  1. Salary – is the remuneration package as expected? If there is a bonus scheme or commission payable are there any rules attaching to these incentive schemes?
  2. Job title – is this the job you applied for? Also check the job description, is there anything additional in there that was not in the job advert?
  3. Notice period – if you wanted to leave the business how much notice would you have to give?
  4. Annual leave – is your employer offering the statutory minimum or are they slightly more generous? Are there any conditions attaching to taking leave i.e. Christmas closure, summer period etc?
  5. Pension – your employer has a statutory obligation to offer a workplace pension, is this detailed in the Contract?
  6. Sick pay – are you entitled to paid sick leave or does your employer simply offer Statutory Sick Pay?
  7. Restrictive covenants – if you were to leave the role would the employer try and impose any restrictions upon you to try and prevent you working for a competitor or similar business?
  8. Does the Contract make reference to a Company Handbook? Have you been provided with a copy or will this be supplied when you start the role?
  9. Place of work – is the role located in a single place or are you expected to travel? Are expenses payable if you are expected to travel?
  10. Any other benefits? Did your offer letter contain any additional benefits and if so are they correctly detailed in the Contract?

If you are concerned that elements of the offer are missing from the Contract, raise them before signing.  It’s best to have the paperwork accurate in place before you start work rather than being caught out by signing a document that is more difficult to change once signed and you’re working for the business!