Land Purchase and Sales Solicitors in Luton

Land Purchase and Sales Solicitors in Luton

The buying and selling of land is almost identical in process to that of property conveyancing, but land only transactions do present unique challenges so it is essential that you use a professional advisor who is experienced in this area.

Speak to our team if you are purchasing or selling land for development

Our property team have considerable expertise and will assist you with all manner of land transactions be it the sale of a small piece of land to your neighbours or the acquisition of a large site for development purposes.

We currently act for a number of local developers and are therefore well placed to ensure that the common or indeed uncommon pitfalls and problems in this area are avoided. In addition to the conveyancing aspect of the transaction we can also provide advice in respect of the various planning issues involve.

The process of buying or selling land for development can sometimes uncover unexpected legal issues - particularly in relation to ownership title or access rights. We will work through the process that may arise and deal with these effectively.

Talk to our conveyancing team in our Luton office regarding your land transaction for legal advice and support.

Land Purchase and Sales Solicitors in Luton

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