Milton Keynes Infrastructure/Utilities Agreement Solicitors

Milton Keynes Infrastructure/Utilities Agreement Solicitors

At Neves Solicitors in Milton Keynes, we appreciate that agreements with utility companies and government bodies can have far reaching consequences which can impact on landowners for years to come and have the potential to aid or hinder the use and development of property in future. 

Our team of legal specialists based in Milton Keynes have a working knowledge of the realities of entering into such arrangements and are dedicated to protecting your interests and cutting through the technical jargon so that you are properly informed of your rights and obligations:

  • electricity cable easements;
  • gas / oil pipeline agreements;
  • Telecoms mast agreements;
  • Compulsory purchase agreements;
  • HS2 compensation payments;
  • HS2 acquired property sales;
  • land access arrangements;
  • drainage and water easements;
  • lift and shift provisions.

How our Commercial Property Lawyers in Milton Keynes can help

If you need advice with an infrastructure or utilities agreement contact our specialist team of Commercial Property Lawyers by calling 01908 304 560, email or complete our Contact Form and we'll get back to you.



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