Property Investment Solicitors in Milton Keynes

Property Investment Solicitors in Milton Keynes

Property investment can take many forms, from pooled funds to buying a house to live in, or to rent out. It is now one of the four most common types of investment made in the UK.

Helping our clients investing in property

Our property investment solicitors in Milton Keynes offer our property investor clients specialist advice in respect of all aspects of the property investment process. These include: 

  • A fast and efficient conveyancing service dealing with all types of property (freehold/ leasehold, registered/unregistered; residential/commercial) and all types of transaction (standard sale/purchase/remortgage, purchase/sale to prevent repossession; below market value transactions, simultaneous remortgages and portfolio purchases). 
  • A commercial drafting service dealing with all manner of commercial agreements including partnership agreements, financing arrangements, option agreements and management contracts. 
  • A litigation service dealing with tenant non-payment, recovery of arrears and possession actions.

If you are thinking about investing in property or already have a property portfolio, get in touch with our specialist property investment solicitors for expert legal advice.

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Joint Managing Partner & Head of Company Commercial
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Solicitor - Company Commercial
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Senior Associate - Commercial Property