Commercial Financing and Securitisation

Commercial Financing and Securitisation

Through its successful history of working closely with property owners, investors, financial institutions and independent advisers, Neves are able to provide comprehensive and informed advice with regard to property secured borrowing and corporate re-financing.

The work we do includes (but is not limited to) advising on:

  • commercial mortgages and re-mortgages;
  • investment portfolio re-financing;
  • commercial loan agreements and facility letters;
  • personal guarantees;
  • funding assisted property purchases;
  • debentures;
  • corporate governance requirements for third party lending:
  • regulation of third party occupancy.

How we can help with your commercial financing and securitisation

We will bring together relevant expertise from our Commercial Law team to manage your transaction, working alongside your other professional advisors to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Call our Commercial Property Lawyers on 0330 0945 500, email or complete our Contact Form and we'll get back to you.

Stewart Matthews
Managing Partner & Head of Company Commercial
Haqib Iqbal
Partner - Commercial and Residential Property
Jane Joseph
Partner - Residential and Commercial Property
Katy Williams
Senior Associate - Commercial Property
Kim Sayer
Solicitor - Company Commercial and Commercial Property