Agricultural and Rural Businesses

Agricultural and Rural Businesses

The agricultural sector has many specific demands and requirements and our extensive expertise in this field can provide you with practical legal advice.

How we support agricultural and rural businesses

Over many years our agricultural and rural business solicitors have acted for a number of agricultural clients on all aspects of their business. Our agricultural solicitors work with land owners, farmers and farming businesses using our experience of the countryside and agricultural law issues to provide them with the most relevant and up-to-date advice.

This includes:

  • Purchases and sales of farmland
  • Lease agreements in respect of telephone masts
  • Succession issues
  • Rights of way
  • Agreements (leases, options etc.) relating to renewable energy schemes (solar, wind and other)
  • Family partnerships.

If you are involved in an agricultural or rural business and need some legal support, contact our agricultural solicitors for advice.

Katy thinks of things you typically do not realise you need to think about or have the experience to be aware of.

I find the Neves team a superb all round company when it comes to the practice of law in both commercial and private law. They are very proficient at stating who does what and delivering an informed professional service real time which I have not experienced elsewhere.
I had no hesitation in appointing them as our company lawyers and value the safety and contributions they make to enabling my company to be predictably safe in an unpredictable world.

24/03/2021 Jason Koffler, Critical Power Supplies Ltd
Agricultural and Rural Businesses

Running a rural business and need legal advice?

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