Terms of Business

Terms of Business

It is crucial for your business to ensure that your standard terms and conditions of trading are up to date and fully incorporated into every contract and sale that your business enters into. If you think your terms of business need reviewing talk to our company commercial lawyers.

Setting up terms of business

Many businesses include their terms and conditions on the reverse of their invoices, but this is too late, as the contract between them and their customer/client will already have been formed before an invoice is issued, and unless there is specific reference to them at the point that the contract is concluded the terms and conditions will not be included.

Our specialist solicitors can assist in ensuring that your terms and conditions are included in every transaction.

The content of your standard terms and conditions is also very important and can have a great impact on the efficiency of your business. By reducing your payment terms and introducing other provisions enabling you to recover additional costs that you incur in chasing bad debts, you can better your chances of actually receiving payment from your customers/clients.

The field of business to consumer sales is becoming increasingly complicated. Our business law solicitors can help you to navigate through the minefield of consumer rights. Our dedicated experts can ensure that the documentation that your business uses is up-to-date and fully compliant with consumer law including matters such as Distance Selling, Unfair Contract Terms and the Contracts made in a consumers home regulations.

How we can help

We will analyse your current terms and conditions and suggest ways that these can be improved by introducing new clauses or tightening up on matters that are already covered. Contact our commercial lawyers today.

Terms of Business

Need to review your terms of business?

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