Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Pursuing payments from individuals or businesses for work completed, services delivered or goods provided can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Whether it is a large or relatively small sum of money, we can help you recover your debts.

What happens if you need a debt recovered?

Once you have instructed us we will write to your debtor giving them 14 days in which to pay before court action will be taken. If the debt arose as a result of both you and your debtor acting in the course of business then this letter may include a calculation for interest and compensation under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

To avoid court proceedings many debtors will pay immediately upon receipt of a solicitor’s letter. However, if upon expiry of the 14 days the debtor has still failed to pay then we will commence court proceedings once we have your instructions to proceed.

Going to court is always a last resort but is sometimes unavoidable if your debtor fails to pay. If there is a genuine dispute as to the amount you wish to claim then it will not always be appropriate to issue proceedings upon the expiry of the 14 day letter before action. Instead, we may need to take other action to see if the matter can be resolved without the need for it to be taken to court. 

How we can help recover your debt

Whether you are owed £500 or £50,000; the matter is straightforward or disputed; we can help you recover your debts and thereby increase your cashflow and the efficiency of your business. 

Debt Recovery Fees

Under Rule 1 of the SRA Transparency Rules we are required to publish information on our prices for some of the services we offer.

Click HERE for details of our debt recovery fees.

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Consultant and Head of Disputes
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Senior Associate and Head of Employment and Commercial Disputes
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Dispute Resolution Executive
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Trainee Solicitor
Debt Collection

Does someone owe you money?

I requested assistance in a matter which was unusual and urgent and the help I received from everyone from the receptionist to the Partner was customer service at its best. They all listened carefully to my concerns, and put effort into finding the most appropriate solicitor. He quickly understood the issues and dealt with them professionally, producing a clear and concise response. This was a faultless and supportive experience and was excellent value for money. Thank you.

22/01/2021 Lesley Thompson