Beth Woodward

Beth Woodward

Partner - Divorce and Family Law

Career History

I worked for another large regional firm for 10 years before moving to Neves in 2003. I am a partner specialising in family law.

Recent Cases

All areas of family law.  In recent years a large part of my work has dealt with the financial aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown.  This ranges from cases where the main asset is the family home, to cases involving family businesses, complex pension sharing arrangements, representing parents where family trusts are alleged, variation of maintenance orders, applications for sale and disputes over beneficial interests between cohabiting couples. 

At the same time I continue to act for parents and grandparents in disputes over arrangements for children (until recently known as residence and contact issues).  I have experience in international abduction cases, and in cases alleging child abuse.  I am on the Law Society's Panel of Family Law Specialist Lawyers.  I am a trained collaborative lawyer and head of the Milton Keynes group of collaborative lawyers and a member of Resolution.

What makes me human

I drifted into law in my twenties when I realised how I relished fighting clients' corners and achieving just outcomes which made my clients feel I had spoken up for them and equipped them for whatever the future held. 

My life plan was to travel and to enjoy a life of pleasure pursuing my interests associated with travel.  Now I find myself with a career that I love which I would never willingly give up, Plan B involves doing as much as possible outside work.  Fortunately one child shares my interest in books, theatre, art and culture.  The other is into running and outdoorsy things, which suits me perfectly. 

Latest posts

Statistics released by the Family Court in the first half of last year show that compared to the same quarter in 2018 divorces were taking 8 weeks longer. On average it now takes 33 weeks to get from filing your divorce petition with the Court to dec…

During the course of 2017/2018 Beth helped my husband and I with the process of Court proceedings in arranging contact with our grandson whom we had not seen for some time.  The eventual outcome was such a pleasing result for us as we now get to see our grandson regularly on a monthly basis.  We could not have done it without Beth’s assistance and we would not have been able to achieve the end result without Beth’s help and guidance.