What it's like to work here

Everyone who works at Neves are handpicked for their hardworking, "can do, will do" attitude who are willing to go the 'extra mile' for our clients. 

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Jennifer Duckett - Solicitor

Aside from a relatively short period away, I have worked for Neves since April 2010.  I completed my training contract with the firm and qualified into the Private Client department in 2012.Training with Neves allowed me to have exposure to such a wide variety of work, which accelerated my learning and equipped me with much confidence on qualifying.  As a firm, Neves supports me in working from all offices, which means that I have been able to develop a great relationship with colleagues firm-wide.  I am able to fully understand how all departments work and can put a real face to the names on my internal contact list!

Neves is a well established regional firm with offices that have a corporate feel, but we have a real presence in the community and our clients are at our core.  The work we carry out in the Private Client department is extremely varied and no two days are the same.

The firm itself is a very friendly one, and not only have I been made to feel very valued by the team I work with, but also by the clients I work for.


Shireena Sheridan - Trainee Solicitor

I started working at Neves in September 2015. I began as an Assistant in our Residential Property department and after 9 months applied for a Training Contract with the firm which I began in September 2016. In all my seats in the firm I feel like I have experienced such an array of clients and situations and the departments I have worked in have been very client-facing and giving such services has been incredibly rewarding.

I admire what a friendly and supportive working environment I am part of. Neves has a strong team ethic and I look forward to going into the office each day. I am given a lot of responsibility with my work itself and I am faced with various challenges on a daily basis. I learn something new each day and feel like I am continuously developing in my role. I am incredibly excited to see what the next eighteen months of my training have to offer.

Despite only being at Neves for a relatively short period, I am lucky enough to have attended many different networking events, training sessions and seminars. The firm has a great reputation and extensive links with other companies and the local communities where we are based. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given to train here.


Olivia Lowen - Solicitor

I have worked for Neves since September 2014, having completed my training contract with the firm and going on to qualify into the firm’s Family Department. During my time with Neves I have been fortunate enough to work in almost every department, and as such feel I can take a holistic approach to the matters I come across. I have also been able to see that the positive attributes of the firm are firm-wide.

During my training, I was able to take a very hands-on approach to the work and given a lot of responsibility. This meant that when I qualified, I felt much more confident in my own abilities and more experienced than some of my friends who had trained at larger firms.

I am proud to work in the firm’s Family Department as although sometimes the work can be challenging, it is nice to be doing that work as part of a team which cares about the outcome we reach for the client, and which also works together well to make the Department a nice place to come to work.


Charlotte Smith - Legal Assistant

I have been with Neves since January 2015, starting in the role of administration assistant and am now an assistant in the company commercial department.  I have completed my law degree and undertaken a Masters of law and I am currently studying for my LPC on a part time basis, alongside working full time at Neves.  When I decided to start the LPC my main concern was that I would really struggle to manage my time, but Neves has allowed me the flexibility to be able to focus both on my studies and my work responsibilities.

Although I am only an assistant in the department, I feel as though my points of view are considered and taken on board by solicitors and partners alike and that there is not a “them and us” attitude which can be disheartening for a junior member of staff.

Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive and even working in a rather small department it feels like everyone is on the same page for doing the best we can and providing the best service for clients.


James Harvey - Solicitor

I joined Neves in July 2006, initially as a paralegal, before commencing my training contract in January 2007. I qualified as a solicitor in January 2009 and have worked in our disputes department in our Milton Keynes office ever since, although I travel to the Luton and Harpenden offices as required.

Whilst the disputes department is a relatively small team I have always received appropriate training and support as I worked my way up from being an inexperienced junior solicitor to where I am now. I consider that the “open door” approachable nature of all partners and members of staff makes it easy to work together as a team including across multiple offices and departments and ensures our clients receive the best possible service.


Elizabeth McGlone - Partner

The firm combines traditional values with modern practices, which makes it a fantastic place to work. At some law firms you are expected to work from 9am to 7pm, but at Neves they ensure that staff can strike that work-family balance. The working parents at Neves are really happy and it shows in our relationships with our clients. Our customer care is second to none.

I was with Neves for five years, then after having a baby I sampled another firm as I thought the grass may be greener. It wasn't. I'm delighted to be back at Neves, and even more thrilled to have been made a partner.