About Us

We’re more than just legal experts. We’re trusted advisers who take the time to really understand your issues.

At your side 

For over 150 years, our clients have relied on us to help with their most important legal issues. In that time, we’ve built relationships with people and businesses in Harpenden, Luton, Milton Keynes and beyond.

We know that every client comes to us with a unique challenge. So we don’t follow rigid processes or fixed formulas.

Instead, our hand-picked team of experts take the time to listen, understand, and then solve your issue in straightforward, practical ways.

Expert. Trustworthy. Approachable.

We’re proud to have built a firm that’s open, approachable and friendly.

Because we believe that’s the best way to help our clients, across a range of legal services – including commercial, family, property, and wills and probate law.

But we’re more than just legal experts. We’re trusted advisers, here whenever our clients need us. 

"The extraordinary longevity and success of the firm is because we know how to combine traditional courtesy and values with 21st century practices and we understand the changing face of legal requirements. We have been around a long time but we are still modern in the way we operate." 
Peter Kelly - Joint Managing Partner

I would like to thank you for your understanding, kindness and prompt action, thus making, what was never a pleasant experience, so much easier.

Our History

In January 1867 Queen Victoria was less than half way through her 63 year reign. In the UK, the streets were full of horses.  Gentlemen wore frock coats and wing collars whilst ladies sported voluminous skirts supported by hoops, petticoats, and or crinolines. There were no cars, no aeroplanes; no telephones and no computers. But what, you may ask, has this to do with business today?

Well, in Luton, a gentleman by the name of Walter Neve opened a solicitor’s office. Our firm, now called Neves Solicitors LLP, has offices in Milton Keynes, Luton and Harpenden, making us 150 years old.

However, it is not just the firm that is long established. At least one local family, the Cathcarts is able to proudly describe Neves as their ‘family solicitors’ for the past three generations. The Cathcarts have used Neves for both private and commercial property work on numerous occasions over the years. As Mrs Theresa Cathcart recalls; “Members of my family have used Neves for three generations. Their charm, politeness and efficiency combined with expertise in the latest aspects of law have meant that choosing Neves to conduct our legal business is our first and simplest choice.”

And in our 150th year we continue to grow, appointing two new partners. 



Neves Solicitors was established in 1867

Haqib Iqbal
Partner - Commercial and Residential Property
Jane Joseph
Partner - Residential and Commercial Property
Peter Kelly
Joint Managing Partner and Head of Disputes
Stewart Matthews
Joint Managing Partner & Head of Company Commercial
Mary McEvoy
Partner and Head of Divorce and Family Law and Notary Public
Andrew Orriss
Partner - Residential and Commercial Property
Beth Woodward
Partner - Divorce and Family Law
Ian Simpson
Consultant and Head of Agriculture and Notary Public
Trevor Kidd
Partner - Residential Property
Gail Donaldson
Senior Associate and Head of Private Client
Kelly Loft
Senior Associate - Conveyancing
Hayley Ruckin
Solicitor - Private client
Charlene Shillingford
Chartered Legal Executive
Craig Souster
Senior Conveyancing Executive
Nina Gurra
Solicitor- Private Client
Dawn Goldie
Senior Conveyancing Executive
Mandy Cowen
Solicitor - Residential and Commercial Property
Maxine Braham
Senior Associate and Head of Private Client Luton
Haneef Khan
Conveyancing Executive
Layla Qureshi
Trainee Solicitor
Alisah Iqbal
Trainee Solicitor
Iain MacAskill
Solicitor - Family Law
Lauren Ellis
Conveyancing Executive
Chris England
Private Client Executive
Jennifer Duckett
Solicitor - Private Client
Emily Pope
Trainee Solicitor
Melissa Doherty
Trainee Solicitor
Chris Robinson
Consultant - Company Commercial