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Divorce and Separation

Sadly, not all relationships can be successful, and separating is often emotionally and financially stressful. Our family law solicitors provide legal advice and the support needed to help get you back on track. We believe in adopting a constructive approach despite the difficulties.

Why choose Neves Solicitors for your divorce?

Here at Neves, we understand that each family is unique. Your priorities, your family dynamics and the circumstances surrounding divorce will always differ. That’s why we believe that gaining an understanding of your individual situation is absolutely essential in determining the best approach to achieving resolution. We don’t deliver pre-packaged advice: instead, we listen and work together to find a solution that meets your family’s individual needs.

Our family law team comprises relationship experts, some of who have been awarded membership to the Law Society’s Family Law accreditation scheme and Resolution (an association of over 6,000 solicitors who are committed to promoting a non-confrontational atmosphere in family law). We understand that reaching an agreement on the outcome of your separation is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in life, and though we will always aim to help you resolve matters quickly, our priority is to protect your interests.

How can we help?

When it comes to divorce and separation, understanding your legal position at an early stage is beneficial in resolving matters as quickly as possible. It also allows you to protect your interests, ensuring that you know your rights and responsibilities as a parent or partner and will therefore not enter into an agreement that does not meet your needs.

We will always explain your options with clarity, leaving the legal jargon behind to help you understand in plain English where you stand and which approach is right for you. 


Need to talk to a Family Lawyer?

Meet the Family Law Team

Family Law Team


From left to right: Nicky Doorne - Legal Assistant, Heidi Fleming - Senior Associate, Tina Shah - Senior Associate, Beth Woodward - Partner and Head of Divorce and Family Law, Emily Pope - Associate Solicitor, Jayne Humphreys - Legal Assistant, Claire Davies - Legal Assistant (not pictured), Sally Lavery - Legal Assistant (not pictured)


  • Divorce and Separation

    Whether your marriage lasted five years or fifty years, splitting up is never easy and the emotional impact of divorce is challenging enough without considering legal proceedings. However, when the time comes to decide how assets will be divided, what will happen to the property you own and most importantly, who will be primarily responsible for raising your children, understanding your legal position at an early stage is beneficial in resolving matters as quickly as possible.

  • Fixed Fee meetings with our Family Lawyers

    Whether to divorce or separate is a huge decision. It is not something anyone rushes into or part of anyone’s life plan. In order to help you work out what you want, and the next steps, Neves Family Law Solicitors offer a fixed fee meeting.

  • What to expect from your first meeting with a Family Solicitor

    This guidance has been put together to give prospective clients an idea about what to expect during the initial consultation appointment and the type of information we will ask for if you are considering or going through a divorce.

  • Arrangements for Children

    On the breakdown of a relationship, arrangements for any children will need to be agreed. If parents are unable to agree these arrangements between themselves, an application will need to be made to court for a Child Arrangements Order.

  • Property and Financial Matters

    The law in relation to married and unmarried couples is quite different. For married couples matrimonial settlements are governed by the law as set out in the Matrimonial Causes Act. For unmarried couples there is no comprehensive law governing their financial settlement. Please see the relevant pages below.

  • Pensions and divorce

    During a marriage, one partner's pension can outgrow the other. During the marriage this isn't a problem, but if the marriage ends, you are no longer entitled to a lump sum or income on your partners death or retirement, and this can lead to inequality in the standard of living you can expect in your old age.

  • Collaborative Law

    Collaborative law is a process which offers separating couples an alternative to litigation. Instead of relying on the Court to determine what is fair, collaborative law offers the couple themselves the opportunity to agree what is right for their children and financially for themselves in collaboration with each other and their own solicitors in a series of four-way meetings.

  • One Couple, One Lawyer: Resolution Together

    The One Lawyer, One Couple:Resolution Together service is designed for couples who want to manage their separation together amicably. It is suitable for those whose joint aim is to reach an outcome that meets their needs and if they are parents, the needs of their children. 

  • High Net Worth Divorce

    Any divorce has a huge emotional impact on the individuals involved, but for high net worth individuals it can also raise complex legal, financial and commercial issues.

  • Unmarried Partner Property Disputes

    If you own a property with a partner and are not married, resolving the property ownership can become very complex if your relationship breaks down and you do not have a formal agreement (cohabitation agreement), in place.

5/5 Star review
Beth Woodward, I wanted to say thank you for supporting me on my recent divorce. Faced with one of the most aggressive and unpleasant legal firms in London, you led me through both the family and financial divorce courts and more than achieved every one of my goals for the divorce. Most importantly, I have equal time parenting with my two girls and a really fair settlement so I can support them financially, both not even remotely offered by the other side. You listened and supported me when I really went for it, kept me sane through the FDR and court visits and also gave me the tough messages when I need to hear it. Thank you, I can’t quite explain how we did it, but we did 😊 😊 😊 😊
Beth Woodward
Partner and Head of Divorce and Family Law
Heidi Fleming
Senior Associate - Divorce and Family Law
Tina Shah
Senior Associate - Divorce and Family Law
Emily Pope
Associate - Divorce and Family Law
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