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"My ex is refusing to mediate but I do not want to spend money on legal fees, what can I do?"

As family solicitors, this is something we hear frustratingly often. Believe it or not, we would prefer your disputes to be sorted outside of a court process which is lengthy and costly for you both. But what can you do when the other person simply will not engage?

New research has highlighted how the gender pension gap disproportionately affects women. On average men retire with a pension pot of £250,000 whilst women retire with pensions of £69,000. This is largely due to the higher rates of women working part-time and the gender pay gap.

When a couple separates, it is not just the two parents who will see an impact on the amount of time that they spend with children, but the wider family too. Children whose parents separate can find themselves in a very different routine to that which they experienced when their parents were still living together, including not being able to spend regular time with grandparents. 

As a grandparent, you may wonder what exactly your rights are to spend time with your grandchildren. 

Ideally, you will have already agreed on the Christmas contact arrangements for your children by now, but for those of you who have been unable to agree matters between you, what can you do? 

One of the main concerns for couples who are separating and divorcing is how they are going to house themselves and their children following the breakdown of the relationship. Rising mortgage rates are impacting divorcing couples and making separation more stressful.

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